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The Beauty of Scandanavian Art Prints

Scandanavian art prints are all the rage in the music album covers industry. From Denmark and Norway to Sweden, Nordic art is produced by a myriad of independent and well-established artists. These artisans utilize a wide medium for creating stunning, compelling art for private collectors, independent museums, social media art blogs, websites, and especially the music industry.
East End Prints is a seasoned, reputable music record store in London. They showcase a full variety of music albums across many genres. Similarly, they feature some of the latest in vibrant, beautiful scandinavian art prints for music and art lovers. These trending prints are ideal for plastering your walls or art gallery showcases of Nordic artists. They can also be framed or purchased as motivational posters for your residence or business.

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Scandanavian art grew in popularity back in the 1930s. This unique style emphasizes both functionality and simplicity. It also strives to unite people across the world with its timeless, clean, and high-quality designs that connect people to their home environments. The Scandanavian art movement also encompasses furniture, clothing, interior design, architecture, and modern -- contemporary art applications.

Now, the music industry has seen a resurgence in the popularity of this art for countless music covers. With its bold lines against simple backdrops, this style truly captures the essence of the "less is more" movements. From wall art prints and album covers to website pages, you will find a fine selection of Nordic art at East End Prints. This brick-and-mortar establishment is synonymous with fantastic art collections, independent artist designs, ceramics, and a vast selection of music, records, albums, and more.

Nordic art has its unique presence with dazzling colors and themes in a simplistic yet intricate manner. The popularity of this artform in album covers dates back to the 60s and 70s. Groups like ABBA, The Martyrs, Norrsken, Leif Bloms, and countless others presented Scandanavian art and designs on their covers. Today, many of these covers have been enlarged, printed, and sold to buyers that wanted to -- or still want to decorate their media or music rooms. The covers have also been used for electronic dance music artists, along with New Wave bands, opera recitals, and so much more.

You will find a wide array of themes within this popular art category and genre. These include Nordic folk art, which mainly depicts outdoor dance and music festivals. There is also Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish mountain art, which showcases Mother Nature at her best. With beautiful paintings of mountains sitting with picturesque scenery and backdrops, these prints are perfect for nature lovers. Geometric wall art is also a must for folks that love Art Deco style pieces. Whether looking for minimal art, framed art sets, sectional art, or traditional Scandinavian paintings, you will find them all at East End Prints in London.

In London's creative hub of East London, this art store and gallery feature poster art, abstract art, vintage art, and curated collections of graphic art that will dazzle the senses. Founder Helen Edwards has been a long-time fan of poster art and loves to showcase the works of emerging artists across the UK at cost-affordable prices and limited editions. Learn more today by visiting their website at: